I'm not getting any results for my question.Please be sure that at minimum one source of download is enabled. The ability to control the download sources by clicking the "manage sources" button located under the Search bar. If you are still not getting results, please try to remove your cache from your browser restart your browser, and then refresh the page prior to beginning your search over.

I'm unable to enable or disable a source of download.
Try to remove your cache from your browser restart your browser, and restart the page. If this doesn't work, contact us via the email form.

I'm getting an error message, but no file is downloaded when I click Download.
Send us the error code you've seen in the error page using the Contact form. We'll look it up and we'll attempt to resolve the error.

I'm unable to keep the file to my Apple Device.
It isn't feasible to save files to iPhones iPads, iPods, or iPhones without the application of other programs. If you'd like to save files to the Apple device, then you should install an application for browsing, such as documents by readdle. Through the browser of this app , you can download documents to the device. A different option is to save the document to the cloud, and then stream it to the cloud.

I'm getting notification via MP3Juice about push messages. I want to stop the notifications.
Unsubscribe (video instruction)

I'd want to transfer my songs to MP3Juice.
It's impossible to upload any of your files to MP3Juice. If you wish to add your files to our search, then upload your music to youtube.com, soundcloud.com or any other source of download that supports it. When you do the next search, your music will appear in our search results.